SmartThings outage hits North American users

SmartThings outage hits North American users

- SmartThings, the Samsung-owned smart home platform, is in the midst of an outage for users in North America.

- Reports of issues appeared to peak overnight, though the outage page still identifies Mobile App Connectivity status as "degraded performance."

- Users have reported outages on the mobile app, as well as issues with connected devices like smart dimming switches and even smart locks.

- This afternoon at 2:07 PM PT, the SmartThings status page posted the following update: "Last night around 5:27 PM PT, we experienced an outage that impacted US users ability to log in to the SmartThings mobile apps and control devices.

- These issues intermittently persisted until 9:16 PM PT, at which time the root cause of the outage was addressed, and users were able to control devices and access the SmartThings apps.