McLaren: New colour and engine for 2018 F1 season

McLaren: New colour and engine for 2018 F1 season

- The car is a clear design evolution of last year's, which was regarded as one of the best chassis on the grid.

- McLaren have not won a race since the last grand prix of the 2012 season in Brazil and no McLaren driver has finished in the top three since the first race of 2014, when Kevin Magnussen was second in Australia.

- The team made their decision to abandon Honda and switch to Renault relatively late in September last year but the design team say there were able to adapt the car within two weeks.

- The two engines have different mechanical layouts and philosophies, but chief technical officer aerodynamics Peter Prodromou said the change "didn't really change our concept very much".

- The front of the launch car is reminiscent of last year's with a series of intricate louvres and slots in the front wing and associated parts.