Kagame test-drives a $20m VW investment | Sunday Independent

Kagame test-drives a $20m VW investment | Sunday Independent

- Expected to churn out 1000 to 5000 vehicles annually for the regional and international markets, this investment means more to Rwanda than to Kenya - $20m is about 0.023% of its gross domestic product (GDP), estimated around $9billion, compared to Kenya’s $14bn.

- Volkswagen, in setting up a factory in Kigali, joined a galaxy of star multinationals that have found Rwanda an irresistibly attractive investment destination.

- Car sales in South Africa are growing but not as astronomically as they could since recovering from the debilitating crash of 2008/09.

- Kagame has been vocal against the dumping of used cars from developed countries in Africa.

- Let us hope that Volkswagens made in Rwanda will be more affordable to the people of Rwanda and the East African Community than they are here in South Africa.