Einstein’s shocking diary entries

Einstein’s shocking diary entries

- NEWLY translated into English, Albert Einstein's private travel diaries from the 1920s reveal that he was racist in his early life, especially towards Chinese people.

- The journals, published as The Travel Diaries of Albert Einstein by Princeton University Press, reveal that Einstein, perhaps the most famous scientist of all time and known for his theory of general relativity and the equation e = mc2, was extraordinarily biased towards certain populations.

- The journals were translated from German and are described as "the first publication of Albert Einstein's travel diary to the Far East and Middle East".

- Speaking with The Guardian, the book's editor Ze'ev Rosenkranz said that Einstein's views were not intended for public consumption and provide a shock to those who read them.

- In 1946, speaking at Lincoln University, the first degree-granting historically black university in the US, Einstein said that racism was a "disease of white people" and added "I do not intend to be quiet about it," according to a 2007 article in the Harvard Gazette.