BMW car fault linked to fatal accident

BMW car fault linked to fatal accident

- • How to check if your car has been recalled The ongoing inquest into Mr Gurung’s death at Woking Coroner’s Court heard that BMW was aware of the issue, which involved overheating battery cables leading to a loss of power and lights.

- The court heard that BMW didn’t initially issue a recall for the fault in the UK, as it was not felt to be “critical” because drivers would still be able to brake and steer if their cars were affected – though their brake, head and hazard warning lights would not function.

- The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the government organisation responsible for monitoring car safety recalls, told BMW at a meeting in 2016: “we do not want a fatality”.

- In February 2017, two months after Mr Gurung’s death, BMW recalled 36,000 affected cars in the UK.

- The lawyer representing Mr Gurung’s family at the inquest told Mark Hill, BMW’s supplier quality engineer that: “If someone’s vehicle suffers a total electrical failure on a motorway or on an A-road they lose the ability to use their brake lights or hazard lights and that gives rise to serious injury or death.