- For roughly 7,500 years, a shallow, swampy lake in the area had hidden a pile of stones that contained the skeletal remains of at least 10 people and weapons made of stone and antler.

- A pile of rocks rose above the water, covered in weapons, wooden structures, and the grisly remains of fearsome animals—as well as the skulls of some carefully chosen people.

- Though we’ve seen lots of heads on stakes in Game of Thrones and various movies, Kanaljorden is the first time anyone has found evidence in real life that Stone Age people in this area were mounting heads on stakes.

- The Kanaljorden site may have been used for as long as 500 years and probably served as a ritual area for many different settlements that shared a common culture.

- This artificial island of rock and bone was borne from centuries of ritual, shared among people in several local settlements.