These “weapons” are focusing on smartphones in 2018?

2017 is the year for dual camera and longer battery life in smartphones, but with 2018 companies will focus more strongly in the big screen, face recognition and AR / VR. 

Simply said smartphones will become smarter and lighter than in 2018, with advanced features that many people used to think only in science fiction movies.

Handheld devices this year will extend the functionality for users with high-resolution camera, wide screen but are still fit to your palm. This research has been developed throughout the last year with multiple devices in different price segments.

Companies like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei … are launching device screen ratio of 18: 9 promises to provide a better viewing experience for users. This brings immediate effects in Vietnam, who are interested in the entertainment needs.

Face recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) through voice assistant intended to more people, in khica Chinese companies to bring them into devices more affordable price. AI-based features are also gradually appear on wearables like SmartWatch or sports bracelet to help people improve their health.

At one of the market potential, such as India, the competition between the rivals is fierce, especially between Samsung and many Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Oppo … The problem is that Samsung has a great location high in this market, so the competition is not easy for Chinese companies.

Also in India, Apple has started production of the iPhone will be here through cooperation relationship with Wistron. This emphasizes the importance of the emerging markets, where consumers are willing to spend an amount not big cash to purchase the high-end products.

The head of Lenovo in India, Mr. Sudhin Mathur, said that the smartphone maker is now more focused in improving the experience of our customers, and that is the key factor determining the success of the company in this fierce playground.

“Specification and price is only one part. There are other aspects, which is the way that people feel comfortable holding product in hand to bring the best user experience, “Mr. Mathur said. Overall the experts feel the need to further focus on enhancing the experience of the phone software, enabling users to do more with their devices.

The growth in smartphones will make sales of desktop and laptop computers were hit hard, but analysts said that the personal computer is still the primary means to create content, while electricity mobile phones and tablets means of content consumption.

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