Patym money eyes, so that cashbacks can not be transferred

In order to enhance the user’s commitment, paytm will change the current system based on the “cash” paytm, and cashback mobile phone has the ability to prevent the cashback stock from buying the wrong interests. The new model in the deployment of paytm substitution account refund design and the future is accepted, you can use the app paytm payment now. However, it is noteworthy that cash is not transferable to paytm nature; it will not give other users paytm or any bank account.

Paytm is applied to Android and iOS devices to receive updated servers and a professional tag optional paytm cash cash account. The new label will detail the money you receive is different through online and offline transactions. Here, the application and the display of all the money received are returned, and the balance of the wallet is displayed on the label wallet.paytm cashtay paytm cash paytm

Although a separate part is provided, the application will show that all paytm transactions use cash to put down their purses under the paytm label. But the application does not allow you to get the number form paytm any address of cash, through your contact paytm or any bank account. This is the purpose, so that users can use the money back to the transaction information through paytm. Finally, this will help companies to reduce the misuse of the stock to buy the cash is very common in different selling seasons.

We have already contacted paytm for more information about updates, and will update this space.

In December, paytm reached the application standard for 1 million downloads and played in Google. Your application supports functions such as integrated functionality and bhim UPI paytm payments bank. The first month, the company has one97 communications, which has also provided a deposit service fixed customer with indusind bank, paytm payments bank.

Disclosure: the parent company of paytm one97 is an investor in gadgets 360.