Microsoft explains why folding screen will be the new trend in smartphone design

The screen size of mobile phone has reached the limit, change of flip screen design will be an inevitable development of intelligent mobile phone in the process.

The appearance of the handset ZTE Axon M design has two unique display makes rumors about trends in world folding screen smartphones become more basic. Many experts believe that in 2018, the major technology companies will begin to follow this new trend, which includes both the “giants” market leading Samsung and possibly Microsoft Surface team anymore.

In a patent his new, Microsoft explain why this is the best time to design two folding screen of the smartphone throne:

“The features on mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced pulled according to user needs large screen increases to bring good experience and richest user. Currently, the trend infinity screen made the screen size reaches the maximum, occupies almost the entire surface of the device. This means that if you want to expand more screens, manufacturers will also have to increase the size of the entire chassis. And of course, this idea is not optimal because users want their devices to be compact for convenient handling as well as put in your pocket, pants pocket.

Therefore, designing two screens are becoming more popular and promising. With two folding screens, tablets or smartphones can easily create a huge display with double the screen area of ​​the current application. Besides, when not using the unit, users can “rush” to the screen so that the two sides face each other and protect each other. Want to come back feeling a smaller screen, the user can “fold” to two screen outwards in opposite sides and arbitrary use of any items they like ”

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