Apple and Samsung have lost because of this feature OnePlus

According to the latest news, OnePlus 6 screens integrated fingerprint sensor will be launched early next year.

Sources recently said that the next high-end smartphone of OnePlus – OnePlus 6 will be integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen. This information is considered quite reliable because the girl’s previous sources gave remarkably accurate predictions about its products.

One other important information that the report also revealed that the device will be “released” in May 03/2018. Specifically, the launch time was in mid-March, the product will be “on the shelf” at the end of the month.

In fact, OnePlus 6 is not the first smart phone is expected fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen. Vivo was the first manufacturer to introduce this technology at the exhibition consumer electronics – CES 2018. However, products will be sold first still not predictable at this time.

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