Apple fans were angry series, did not even use the iPhone, several hints to use Samsung prefer

Real story will end up with Apple This is really what will be the outcome after apple and iPhone?and the iPhone on here?

Only a few days ago, Apple has just admitted that they deliberately reduce speed slow on older iPhone battery in your computer to avoid further deterioration.¬†Despite some opinions to be justified, but it is still less made a large segment of fans Apples feel upset, angry, and even announced his decision to switch to a smartphone by Samsung to “Apple said Hand.”

In fact, many people in the meantime has also voiced that they gradually enjoy the diversity customizable Samsung brings on more devices as compared to the iPhone, open up the comments simmering on multiple pages social networking on this issue.

Apple fans were angry series, did not even use the iPhone, several hints to use Samsung preferable

Specifically, the Twitter community is vibrant when many iPhone users Denmark several considerations to use Samsung or other Android devices, because they said that Apple do things to force the old user must spend money to buy new machines more expensive is not acceptable.

Of course, not necessarily in other brands / won’t do, because Apple also prompted the action in the first level is the quality of the battery, and they do not love. Apple also announced an official press release to explain the events in love these days.

“We are always in the most comprehensive experience, including performance, speed and battery life. Lithium ion battery is still great weakness, when using long and in the environment of low temperature, easy to bottle time, if you don’t know how to save, which resulted from many sources under the condition of the battery and drops very quickly.”

This is a fact, yes, but anyway, we still need to look closely, even if the switch to Android, no one would dare not continue to happen 100% is the same behavior as apple.