5 points I like most in new duo Galaxy A8 and A8 + (2018).

Say, if the set design of the Galaxy Note8 up scale 10, I would give this product an absolute number of points. Also with the duo Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018), both are worthy stood at 9.5.
Accuracy is a must to 6 January the year 2018, a new user can officially be on hand the duo Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018) of Samsung, however I am one of the lucky ones to experience the first few days of this product and is uttered that “is worth to own, very worth to experience!”. I personally own, the duo has created is impressive not only in appearance but also many others. Below is the personal share of the 5 points that I like best in Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018):

Trance design right from the very first look

The design of most telephone products, recent years have passes trail, and I also feel personally own start boring copycat models with each other. Think, step out and look at the way people use the phone, you have discovered that’s what if products do not see the logo or not? Certainly the majority are hard to identify each type of product. But, in a forest product “similar to the weird States” as such, Samsung chose to step away and almost always create a new design trend in the smartphone world village

More specifically, with a product line of high-end segment is not his best, Samsung still face glass designs 2 polished for this duo, which made me “Falcon belly” as soon as the new look for the first time. It gives the feeling plush bird, memories those days two blockbuster experience and S8 Note8 my Galaxy came rushing back, also thanks to the design of this class. And of course, this duo has made a mark on a first appearance when not follow the path of so many other products on the market.

It is the fact, if the design of the Galaxy set up a scale Note8 10, I would give this product a perfect score. As for the duo Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018), both are worthy to stand at 9.5 and no product can usurpation second position of this duo premium access.

Compliment each dorsal no is not enough, the duo also featured on the front with overflow rim screen design. All unnecessary gaps in the front, including the physical Home button, also Samsung shorn, leaving “land” to the screen was a chance “to use” more. And so, overall machine becomes a flat surface more elegant and neat of course still in hand when manipulating without oversize as

This is a feature perhaps small but changed using Samsung phone users a lot. Often with most other smartphones, you will be very difficult to track information such as the one just received, with new notification Facebook, have new e-mail … when the phone screen is off. And the habit before, users will have to turn the screen up to the notice, this more or less led to the consuming operation more as well as making the machine quickly runs out of battery if you keep on turning on / off the screen all day so

Returning to the duo, taking advantage of the Super AMOLED screen with the ability to display deep blacks and better battery life than LCD panels, Samsung has integrated features Always On Display, which displays the time and the necessary information to this black screen layer. To me, this embellished somewhat small though but reflected the concern of Samsung to users, help with product experience is always at least satisfied and comfortable.

Camera selfie versatile than 

Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 + (2018) are two first device from Samsung is equipped with a camera system selfie dual whereby 2 sensors 16 MP and 8 MP enclosed aperture F / 1.7 . However, most of the smartphones have dual selfie camera on the market today will typically have one of two utilities: remove the shirts or the wide-angle camera.

After the capture is done, you can still adjust the blur the background as well as select the focus point.

With this duo, I was really surprised when they are always both of this use, news you can shoot portraits clear shimmering square font for myself without the need for any photographer would and, on the other hand can also switch to selfie along with a group of friends without fear of too narrow frame.

RAM upgrade to 6 GB

The need to use multi-tasking of more and more users than that, besides the application also gradually consuming resources, leading to stutters lag in the medium range products is what can sometimes happen. But with this duo, I didn’t from the startled when listening to figure 6 GB RAM.

Thanks to this extensive RAM capacity account, I was able to be more relaxed in the same heavy gaming background still running many tasks without worrying what the force close. Just like that, I’ve almost been conquered entirely with this phone. Because, no one wants war game are engrossed in that report back out of RAM and ejected both, right?

Water/dust resistant IP68 standard

Living in the land of rain the Sun swings such as Saigon, I always fear the issue use the phone under the rain, by just having a problem only know how much money goes to die, not to mention the more important data.

So to me, water/dust resistant features in this phone is also an extremely important element, such as a layer of protective coat of his property. Reportedly, the Duo powered water/dust resistant, IP68 standard can withstand a depth of 1.5 m within 30 minutes. Just how much, the smartphone will stay healthy under the heavy rain the day Saigon back Sun.

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