2017: The start of the war borderless phone

The telephone line and the thickness of the screen frame has gradually retreat to the background, very intense occurred from the stage of the war, the War Department of intelligent mobile phone between 2017 – half without a border.

Samsung is the first mobile phone with a huge leap in the surface design and try to improve the proportion of the screen area, through the introduction of the two curve full screen next to the real time from the edge and a Galaxy S7 note 7.

No discussion of it to go right or wrong Samsung, but the result is that in 2017, a large screen phone company birth rate similar products, of course, the whole design is called fullview.

One can say that you LG, great. The company on the market can not be compared with apple and Samsung, but it is difficult to ignore the V30 products. LG dumped a large screen size to the frame has the advantages of compact structure, make the mobile phone become higher.

HUAWEI, in addition to the launch of the new 2I in November last year, and the friends of friends of 1010 Pro, a thin screen frame, and announced that it would become iPhone and Galaxy weight Note 88.

Xiaomi’s trump card is you mixed two introduction rate in Beijing 93% reality on the screen, the proportion of mixing ratio before you.

It is not difficult to find, these companies in the sales process in the car, let mobile phone screen frame thin

A year ago, Samsung started the trend, but unlimited experience shows that the price is too high, than most of the users in the segmented iPhone market share was taken more.

So, you are a huge plate from the China to the fight in this product better price. Users have more choices, recovery depends on your requirements and product features (photos, entertainment configuration, battery or duration).

Why the game is so hot without borders

Obviously, it is not difficult to see, after a ten year rate of change, slowly from the screen 4:3 16:9 (with the size of the screen of computer and television), the rate of change: 9 to 18 can see is a leap in design view. Mobile phone manufacturers to create the scale of products here, to increase the screen size.

Today, thanks to the advanced production technology, the company can create a smart mobile phone is small, neat without sacrificing screen size.


For example, Galaxy S8 longer screen resolution 5.8-inch QHD + sizes, with borders at the top and bottom edge is much thinner, giving pragmatic aspect ratio is 83 percent. Reducing border with monitors, bring new experience for watching movies and playing games on mobile phones. In contrast, the iPhone 7 pragmatic aspect ratio only 65%.

Obviously, we have the practical problem of the limited size of the smartphone, namely the hands of users or the size of pocket limits.

The result is that instead of increasing the size of the device, the phone manufacturers started looking for solutions that can increase the display area without phone bulge out. Improving border size and aspect ratio of the display are two ways to do it.

Borderless Design utilize the entire area of ​​the front side, giving huge screen size beyond the limits of the existing equipment. Home button is removed to optimize the technical space, expanding space for users, and beat out the limits between the device and the actual experience.

Grip of the phone, this is determined by the curve of the phone can lie neatly in the palm of the user like.

Symmetrical design of the soft lines in the front, behind and in the middle of each side to create a perfect shape, eliminating almost the entire border.

Users get a better experience on the device borderless. For some people, these machines may bring inconvenience, but for those who like new experiences, this is a remarkable improvement.

                                                   Borderless Design: It’s still not perfect 
phone screen is increased in size without making larger devices. The borderless phone promises to bring the beautiful product design.

However, this design also makes the machine becomes more fragile, or experiencing unusual accident. Ideas borderless screen is great, but remember that the machine will be very fragile.

Type screen design will overflow the edges very worn during use compared to the thick screen border. Moreover, production costs and repair and replacement will also remain high.

Not too hard to hold a phone in his hand borderless, ratio 18: 9 provides slender styling and luxury. However, the current viewing experience can not yet take advantage of the entire screen area. Screen border has thinned, but did not make the viewing experience better.

The last question: Do you need a phone with a borderless design? The use of thick edges phones ever not yet encountered any major problems.

In terms of ideas, correct, the phone will not outline the future of the telephone industry, but at this time there is no other benefit. We still have not heard customers asking about a borderless mobile phone. Therefore, the phone maker will continue to introduce publications borderless future, and do everything to get your attention.

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